My founding story

Created with love for you

Hey! I'm Lisa, the founder of DEAR DARLING BERLIN and I'm really happy that you found us.

In 2020, my journey as an entrepreneur began in our living room, from where I proudly shipped my first orders. At the beginning my collection only consisted of 6 different necklaces and 5 bracelets.

Since then a lot has happened. I tried, learned, had great success and also failed every now and then. However, my dedication to timeless jewelry design has not changed since the day I founded the company - on the contrary. It grows day by day.

Essentials made to last –

Responsible Fine Jewelry

In a world in which sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, a new generation of jewelry is emerging that shines not only with beauty but also with responsibility.

For our noble fine jewelry we use recycled 925 sterling silver, recycled 14k gold and sparkling lab grown diamonds are manufactured locally with love and care in Germany, Italy and Spain.

Our jewelry represents the combination of style and responsibility, of beauty and ethics. We believe that these values ​​can go hand in hand and that jewelry can be more than just a shiny accessory - it can be a message that changes the world.

About Us

Recycled Materials & Lab Grown Diamonds

We use recycled 925 sterling silver and recycled 14k gold to produce our elegant designs. We are particularly proud of our jewelry made with Lab Grown Diamonds - a sparkling innovation in the jewelry market.

Female-run family business

Dear Darling Berlin was founded in 2020 by Lisa Zaiser with the desire to make the jewelry industry more sustainable and the business world more feminine. Today she and her husband Jan are working together on their dream.

Local production in Germany, Italy & Spain

The magic of our jewelry is created in four family businesses that have been practicing the tradition of jewelry craftsmanship over several generations and produce each of our designs for you with attention to detail.

Logo Vogue Magazin

"Lisa Zaiser from the Berlin jewelry label Dear Darling Berlin draws the inspiration for her affordable jewelry designs from the moments that make life special - memories, emotions and the contrasts of the big city. What emerges from this are timeless and long-lasting basics that focus on sustainability and craftsmanship."

Sustainable jewelry made from recycled materials

Not everything that glitters is gold: a lot of conventional fashion jewelry as well as high-priced, supposedly luxury jewelry is manufactured under unfair conditions for people and the environment. From toxic chemicals in resource extraction, exploitation of workers, violence, land grabbing and environmental pollution - the list is long.

The fact that a change towards more transparency, sustainability and a sense of responsibility is necessary in the jewelry industry is what drives us at DEAR DARLING BERLIN. We want to move away from anonymous mass production towards more locality and responsible production quantities. Away from the “throwaway mentality” towards durability, quality and timeless designs that last longer than just one season. That's why you'll find sustainable jewelry with us - minimalist, beautiful and suitable for every occasion.

Silver & gold from responsible sources

Our sustainable necklaces , as well as bracelets , earrings , rings and co. are made from recycled 925 sterling silver and recycled 14K gold, which we source from RJC-certified refineries. We refine some of our jewelry made of 14k real gold with Lab Grown Diamonds - a real innovation in the jewelry industry. To achieve this, we work with small family businesses in Germany, Italy and Spain who share our commitment to responsible production and our passion for unique craftsmanship. Our aim for our young, women-run company is to make the entire value chain as resource-efficient as possible.

For us, the ecological perspective also includes social commitment - an appreciative and trusting relationship with our business partners, employees and customers is therefore a matter of course for us. We are also committed to increasing visibility and empowerment for women, for example through our participation in Equal Pay Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month or our Female Founder Stories blog , where we introduce a new founder and her company every month.

Timeless designs for every occasion

Our collection of minimalist and classic designs, designed for you with attention to detail, shows that sustainable jewelry can be stylish. Whether as an everyday essential or an extravagant accessory for special occasions: with a piece of jewelry from DEAR DARLING BERLIN you are guaranteed to always be in the right place.

Our fine jewelry is also particularly popular as a jewelry gift, for example for Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. You'll find lots of inspiration in our gift guide ! If you need advice, we are happy to help you at any time.

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