responsible fine jewelry

Wearing Memories

In the life of our founder Lisa, jewelry has always had a special meaning. It's not about material values, but memories and unique moments of the precious gesture of giving.

The delicate bracelet that she got from her family when she was born and still has to this day, her mother's necklace as a gift on graduation and the ring that reminds her of her dream wedding in New York. Each piece of jewelry is unique in its own way and follows her along her way.

Hi Berlin!

The story of Dear Darling Berlin begins in 2016 with Lisa moving to Berlin. Through her job in an international online beauty start-up, she quickly got to know and love the world of entrepreneurs. Lisa finds her inspiration in Berlin - a city full of a living past and an exciting future. Inspired by three years of great projects and learnings, it was finally time for her to take the step into self-employment in 2019: and so she founded the Responsible Fine Jewelry label Dear Darling Berlin.

The world of jewelry

From an outside perspective, the world of jewelry looks radiant and perfect. And yes - jewelry is something wonderful! But beautiful accessories often come at a high price.

Lisa noticed that there are only two sides in the jewelry industry: seasonal jewelry made from inexpensive materials such as copper or stainless steel and high-priced luxury jewelry from well-known, big brands.

Often there is no or only incomplete information about where or how the jewelry is made. If so, it is mostly abroad, which not only affects the environment because of the long transport routes, but can also make quality control and ensuring fair working conditions for everyone involved much more difficult.


For something as beautiful and significant as jewelry, there were just too many things that didn't feel right for Lisa. Things that she wanted to change.

That is why she founded Dear Darling Berlin in 2019 - a label for responsibly produced, high-quality and affordable essentials. Modern designs with a timeless character. For the everyday and special moments.

"We want to set a good example and turn our vision into reality: establish more transparency and sustainability in the jewelry industry."

Local production

Our belief

For us, quality, sustainability and longevity are essential components of the jewelry that we want to offer. The research for an exceptional manufacturer that would meet our strict criteria quickly brought us to the gold city of Pforzheim, which looks back on a long tradition in the jewelry and watch industry. In Pforzheim, jewelry designers, refiners for raw materials, foundries, tool and plating companies are all in one place. The city is also known internationally for its great expertise in the production of high-quality jewelry.

It was very important to us to find a reliable long-term partner for the manufacture of our products. A partner who offers ​​excellent quality, sustainable materials and fair working conditions. Today, we are very proud to work with a small family business from Germany that represents exactly these values ​​and has been producing necklaces and bracelets in the premium segment for over 40 years.

For the production of our fine jewelry we use recycled 925 sterling silver, also called eco silver. The material quality does not differ from conventional sterling silver, but the extraction of the raw material is significantly more eco-friendly due to the processing of existing resources.



A sense of aesthetics, the use of sustainable and high-quality materials and timeless design. That is what defines our us.

Fine Jewelry that can be worn more than just one season. Classic and modern styles at the same time.

We want to inspire and find inspiration in the beauty of simplicity. That is why we design jewelry that not only looks good, but also feels good.