May 12th is Mother's Day. A special opportunity to celebrate the woman who accompanies us through life with unconditional love, endless patience and tireless care - ideally with Mother's Day jewelry.

Capture this appreciation and let it last beyond Mother's Day with a radiant piece of jewelry. As a daily reminder for your mom of how much she means to you.

Get inspired by our short blog article and find the perfect, meaningful gift for Mother’s Day.

Individual birthstones made of 14k gold: A symbol of connection

Surprise your mom with a very personal piece of jewelry: a fine 14k gold necklace with a sparkling birthstone . From red rubies to light blue aquamarine, green emerald and deep blue sapphire, there are a variety of precious gemstones that all represent a calendar month.

Particularly popular with moms: wearing your child's birthstone! Simply choose the stone that matches your birth month (and possibly that of your siblings) and give the piece of jewelry as a gift for Mother's Day.

PS Our Birthstones are also available as matching earrings as a Mother's Day gift!

14k gold necklace with birthstone pendant

Love Clover silver collection: happiness and love in one piece of jewellery

Carrying happiness with you at all times is not just an enchanting mental image, but with our jewelry from the Love Clover silver collection it is actually possible!

The core element of the collection is a combination of a heart and a four-leaf clover, which merge into each other to create a unique design.

For example, choose the popular classic, the Love Clover necklace with pendant . Combined with the simple Love Clover earrings, it creates an all-round elegant look!

Necklace with clover pendant gift for Mother's Day

Unique personalization with our engraving chains

Love refined in eternal gold. Our engraved necklaces HARMONY and DARLING with customizable pendants made of recycled 14k real gold are the perfect, meaningful gift for Mother's Day. Whether you choose the simple heart pendant or our popular round chain pendant - you are guaranteed to make the right choice with the engraved pendants.

The pendants and chains are manufactured responsibly and sustainably in Germany and can be individually engraved on request. From initials to names or a special date, there are no limits to your creativity!

You can order the engraved pendants individually or directly with a matching necklace in your desired length.

Each pendant is made individually after ordering, within about 2 weeks. Please remember to order your piece of jewelry from us in good time so that you can give it as a gift in time for Mother's Day.

Engraved necklace made of 14k gold | Personalizable jewelry

Timeless elegance: classic necklaces and bracelets for every occasion

Only the best is allowed for mom. That's why we would like to recommend our classic necklaces and bracelets as a jewelry gift idea for Mother's Day! Whether silver jewelry or 14k gold jewelry - our designs are timeless, minimalist and can be wonderfully combined with existing jewelry.

These timeless pieces are not only an expression of style and elegance, but also a reminder of the precious moments we share with our mother. Every time she wears one of our pieces of jewelry, she is reminded of the unconditional love we feel for her.

Discover our radiant silver jewelry here or choose fine jewelry made from recycled 14k gold .

Filigree anchor chain made of sterling silver jewelry gift for Mother's Day

Discover our exclusive collection of customizable jewelry, individual birthstones, charming love clover designs and timeless classics today. Show your mother how much she means to you and give her a jewel that will make her love shine forever - with wonderful jewelry as a Mother's Day gift!