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Geburtsstein Juni Ohrringe mit Mondstein Produktbild
Birthstone Earrings June | 14k real gold & moonstone

Sparkling wonders: gemstone jewelry

Discover the hidden magic of gemstones and fall in love with our Birthstone collection - the finest gold jewelry with 12 sparkling birthstones for each calendar month.

The meaning of the birthstones is as individual as you are. The ruby, for example, as the stone of the month of July, is considered a symbol of love, passion and vitality, while the birthstone in the month of February, the amethyst, is a symbol of calm, inner peace and clarity is seen. You can read the individual symbols for each stone on the product pages.

No matter whether you buy our noble birthstones as a lucky charm for yourself or as a meaningful gift for someone else: they carry the unique magic of individuality and stylishly highlight the expression of the wearer. Let yourself be enchanted tooC

Elegant gold jewelry with individual birthstones

Our Birthstone collection combines beauty, symbolism and personality in every piece of jewelry. 12 precious gemstones represent the individual birth months and decorate minimalist earrings and filigree necklaces made of the finest, recycled 14k gold. Jewelry with birthstones is a wonderful good luck charm for yourself or a personal gift for a loved one. Choose either your own birthstone or the stone of the month that has special meaning for you.

The meaning of birthstones

Birthstones are precious gemstones that are associated with a specific month in the calendar. These stones are traditionally associated with the month of birth and carry a deep, symbolic meaning. The birthstone for the month of January, for example, is red garnet - it stands for true friendship and trust and is said to give its wearer creative energy. For people born in May the birthstone is a green emerald and for people born in September it is a blue sapphire.

Gemstones have always been associated with mystical and spiritual meaning. Various cultures have revered them as protective amulets, healing stones and symbols of certain properties. Belief in the healing powers of gemstones is widespread, and many people wear them as talismans to attract good luck, love and health.

Birthstone jewelry: The perfect gift idea for special occasions

If you are looking for a very special, high-quality and personal gift, birthstone jewelry is just the thing. It is timelessly beautiful and embodies a deep connection to the history and individual characteristics of the person receiving the gift. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just because: our 585 gold jewelry with birthstones is the ideal gift for every occasion.