Care Instructions

For the production of our sustainable fine jewelry, we use eco-friendly materials such as recycled silver and gold. We truly care about longevity, high quality, sustainability and comfort when it comes to our beautiful accessories.

Just like with our skin or clothing, the right care makes a big difference when it comes to jewelry. We want you to enjoy your new darlings for a long time! That's why we put together some helpful care instructions in this guide on how you can ensure that your jewelry remains perfect.

We want you to be able to wear our jewelry for more than just one season. In order to keep the gold plating as long as possible, try not to bring your jewelry into permanent contact with water. Ideally, you should take it off before showering or swimming. The better you take care of it, the longer it stays beautiful. Please note, however, that it is normal for the materials to oxidize over time. This can be influenced faster or slower by the pH of your skin and the way you care for your jewelry.

It is best to keep your jewelry in a dry, light-protected place. Each of our pieces is delivered to you in a soft microfiber bag that you can use for travel and safe storage. 

It is better not to wear your jewelry when exercising or sleeping. Necklaces and earrings in particular tend to get stuck in pillows or clothing and could not only injure you, but be damaged as well. Likewise, excessive sweat can cause the jewelry to discolor.

If you want to clean your jewelry, it is best to use a soft, dry microfiber or polishing cloth. That way you avoid scratches and make your jewelry shine again.

Jewelry is the icing on the cake of our look and should therefore always be put on last. That way you don't risk getting it stuck somewhere and damaging your piece of jewelry or clothing. To ensure that your jewelry retains its shine for as long as possible, be careful not to bring it into direct contact with hairspray, deodorant, settings spray or perfume. Otherwise the substances contained could damage the fine alloy.