Jewelry has always had a special meaning in our lives. It gives our appearance a touch of elegance and individuality and can also symbolize emotional values. But at a time when sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, the jewelry industry is also facing new challenges. Fortunately, there is a way to combine luxury and responsibility - for example by using recycled raw materials.

Urban mining

For us, acting sustainably means using what is already there - instead of mining limited resources. This is exactly the idea behind the term urban mining, which is also known as urban mining.

In short: the earth's natural reserves of raw materials are being continually reduced through continuous mining and consumption. At the same time, however, the amount of secondary raw materials is growing, such as gold and silver from existing pieces of jewelry or materials containing precious metals - precious materials are even found in cell phones, laptops and tablets. We make use of these secondary raw materials and create our timeless pieces of jewelry from reprocessed, recycled silver and gold.

The quality of sustainable silver and gold is no different from conventional precious metals - but the processing of existing materials is much more environmentally friendly. In addition, no one has to work in dangerous mines under poor conditions for people and the environment.

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A never-ending story

Recycled gold

Gold is one of the most valuable and sought-after materials in the world. But also a limited resource. Conventional gold mining does not cast a particularly glamorous image on this beautiful treasure of the earth because it is characterized by poor working conditions, child labor and environmental damage caused by the toxic substances used for mining. In our blog article you can find out more about conventional gold mining and its downsides.

For us, the advantages of recycled gold are clear:

  1. Gold can be recovered infinitely with almost no loss
  2. there is already enough mined gold in the circuit
  3. We love the idea of ​​giving something old new shine

Origin of our raw materials

The recycled material for our production comes from refineries. A refinery is, so to speak, a “recycling company” that specializes in the recovery of metals. The various old materials, such as industrial or electronic scrap, old pieces of jewelry, coins, cutlery and other remaining stocks containing precious metals, are separated into their individual components, i.e. "divorced". These raw materials are then brought back into the cycle and used for our jewelry.

We source the raw materials from certified dealers in Germany, Italy and Spain who belong to the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC). They have committed themselves to the RJC's Code of Conduct for responsible corporate practices, such as compliance with human rights, business ethics and environmental responsibility. You can find out more about the RJC here .

Other materials


The pearls that we use for selected pieces of jewelry come from trustworthy pearl farmers and are freshwater cultured pearls. Since there is no classic pearl farming in Europe, they come from breeders in China who meet high ethical standards. Each pearl is unique and makes your piece of jewelry something very special.

Zirconia stones

The high-quality stones for our silver jewelry are artificially created crystals, so-called zirconia (CZ). Our stones have excellent brilliance and are manufactured locally in the Czech Republic under responsible conditions.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown diamonds offer the same exceptional brilliance and quality as natural diamonds, but are grown in a laboratory under controlled conditions and not mined in the ground. Each stone is carefully cut and polished to fully reveal its beauty and crafted into a unique piece of jewelry for you.

Due to the high level of innovation in the industry, there are currently only a limited number of suppliers of lab grown diamonds - there is currently hardly any supply in Europe. Most of the laboratory production takes place in America or India. We currently source our diamonds from India.

We strive to keep our production as close to home as possible - whether it's the relationship between the raw materials or the final production of the jewelry. Wherever possible, we produce and source as locally as possible. If it's not just around the corner, we check our partners closely to ensure that they meet our high quality standards and always keep our eyes and ears open for even more locality.

If you would like to learn more about Lab Grown Diamonds, you can find a detailed overview here.