Sustainable, local, stunning.

Jewelry for a new generation

Dear Darling Berlin stands for sustainably and responsibly manufactured fine jewelry. With our designs we convey a modern, young elegance and show that sustainability and style can be combined.

Our jewelry is made locally and responsibly in Germany, Italy and Spain from recycled 925 sterling silver and 14k gold .

Elegant, timeless, sustainable . Essentials for every occasion made from recycled silver & gold.

Here to empower you, darling

Female Founded

Hello, I'm Lisa, the founder of Dear Darling Berlin. Did you know that the proportion of female founders in the German start-up scene is just under 16%? Definitely not enough, I think! That's why I want to create a platform and source of inspiration for others with my label. Empower, make wonderful women visible and encourage those who want to take the first step.

I am a passionate entrepreneur - and not just since I founded my company. I have always enjoyed taking responsibility for new projects and love designing things.

As a founder, I learn every day how important it is to be courageous and trust in yourself. Say goodbye to your perfectionism and just get started.

Beautiful things shouldn't just shine on the outside

Dear Darling Berlin was founded in 2020 by Lisa Zaiser to make the jewelry world more sustainable and the business world more feminine.

Sounds cliché? The jewelry industry is one of the largest and most complex in the world. From raw material extraction in the mines to production and sales, there are countless companies that are part of the cycle.
Three of the biggest challenges here are the transparency of supply chains, ensuring safe working conditions and fair pay for everyone involved.

But beautiful things shouldn't just shine from the outside. That's why we are committed to sustainable, responsible jewelry production.


For us, the topic of sustainability is not a fad or buzzword, but rather an essential part of our corporate values ​​and processes.

The jewelry market is still dominated by seasonal jewelry made from affordable materials and high-priced luxury brands. The majority is produced in distant foreign countries and the long supply chain makes quality control of the products difficult. Ensuring good working conditions and fair pay for everyone involved are also a challenge.

We want to move away from the fast pace of the industry and towards more transparency, sustainability and affordable quality. Responsible Fine Jewelry means that our jewelry is made under fair conditions, with high-quality and recycled materials in Germany and Italy.

More about us

Local production

Our jewelry is responsibly manufactured in Germany, Italy and Spain. We work with selected, renowned jewelry companies and family manufacturers.

We would be happy to give you an even deeper insight into our production processes and partners. For more information just have a look here.

Recycled Silver & Gold

We use recycled 925 sterling silver and recycled 14k gold for our jewelry. We source the raw materials for our production directly from the countries of our partner companies - Germany, Italy and Spain. The use of reprocessed silver and gold has a major advantage: no new raw material has to be mined, but what is already in the cycle can be used.

This is particularly great with gold because gold can be recycled almost infinitely without any loss of material. You can find out more about it here.

Shipping & Logistics

We also use environmentally friendly materials in our jewelry and shipping packaging. We are convinced that the responsible use of resources must be our present and future and we strive to make our contribution to this, even as a small company. But we also know that there is always room for improvement. Here you will find all information about our packaging and shipping by our long-standing logistics partner & family business - the shipping manufacturer in North Rhine-Westphalia.

We are members of

Founded in Berlin in January 2015 by national industry experts, the Fashion Council Germany e. V. (FCG) as an interest group for fashion “designed in Germany”. With all its initiatives, the FCG pursues the goal of further establishing, supporting and strengthening German fashion design as a cultural and economic asset on a national and international level. A particular focus is on promoting young design talent.