From Pforzheim to Tuscany

Good things are often so close, right? That's why we consciously decided on local production in Germany, Italy and Spain, even if we accept higher manufacturing costs. We are convinced that it is just as important to you as it is to us to pay people fairly for their work and to strengthen local companies rather than produce anonymously on the other side of the world.

For us, the advantages are very simple: shorter transport routes, less C02 emissions, no middlemen and we can guarantee the high quality of our jewelry at all times.

Jewelry expertise at the highest level

When it comes to choosing suitable production partners, it's like a relationship: it has to work! And that's what we have with a handful of jewelry experts from Germany, Italy and Spain. We didn't make the decision easy for ourselves and took a close look at what the working conditions are like on site for you. For us, excellent quality and a focus on responsible production for people and the environment are always at the forefront of our actions. Our partners guarantee us transparent insights, communication at eye level and openness to continuously optimizing processes.

We know the people who produce your jewelry. And we can tell you: they are simply fantastic.

Here you can read our blog article in which we reported on our visit to our Italian production facility.

Where we produce

Pforzheim, Germany

Our classic necklaces and bracelets are made in Pforzheim by a small family business. The couple work in the second generation with a lot of expertise and heart and we are very happy about the always warm, professional collaboration on an equal footing. By the way, this partner has been with us the longest - since day 1 of our founding.

Arezzo, Italy

Bella Italy! Our special pieces of jewelry made of sterling silver (rhodium-plated and gold-plated) are made in Arezzo, in beautiful Tuscany. These include, for example, our earrings, our pearl designs, the popular double ring necklace and much more. Arezzo is known worldwide for its jewelry expertise. We always enjoy visiting our partner company and feel almost at home there. The team always tries to make everything possible for us - we really appreciate that!

Pforzheim, Germany

Our second production facility in Pforzheim has existed for over 100 years and is still a family business. Here our essentials are made from 14k gold, such as our necklaces and bracelets. We can also implement individual engravings and one-off productions together - because the team on site works with both the latest technological possibilities and a lot of craftsmanship at the highest level.

Cordoba, Spain

Our special designs made of 14k real gold and lab grown diamonds are created in a 3rd generation, woman-run family business with over 70 years of success in the heart of Spain. Every precious piece of jewelry is lovingly handcrafted there - durable, high quality and using sustainable raw materials. Our real gold rings and earrings, for example, are made here by master craftsmen.


For you on site

We source our raw materials from refineries in Germany, Italy and Spain - some of the gold is also melted down and reused in the company itself. The partner companies have relevant certificates, such as the LBMA or membership in the Responsible Jewelery Council ( more information here ) and therefore meet the highest standards in the jewelry industry.

In addition to certificates, what counts for us is the local people. We visit our productions regularly and are always welcomed there with appreciation and warmth - so 'work' is twice as much fun for us. From traditional family businesses and 4th generation manufacturers to internationally recognized jewelry producers, we can draw on an inexhaustible amount of expertise and work together to make the jewelry world even more beautiful.