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Was macht einen Edelstein "fair"? Ein Interview mit Edelsteingutachterin Alina Uhlitz

What makes a gemstone "fair"? An interview with gemstone appraiser Alina Uhlitz

The world of sparkling gemstones is as fascinating as it is complex. In our interview, Alina Uhlitz, founder of Miadana and certified gemstone appraiser, tells us how she works with her fair gemstones for a more ethical, responsible jewelry industry.

Nachhaltiger Schmuck: Ring aus recyceltem Sterling Silber

Sustainable jewellery: what does that mean? | Our guide for you

From the outside, the jewellery industry sparkles with all its glitz and glamour, but behind it often lies a complex and challenging reality with negative environmental impacts, poor working conditions, overproduction and a lack of transparency. Find out more about the importance of sustainable jewellery and the industry change we so desperately need in our guide. We also give you valuable tips on what to look for when buying sustainable jewellery.

Schmuckpflege: So reinigst du deinen Echtgold Schmuck

Jewellery care: How to clean your real gold jewellery

Did you know that you can clean your gold jewelry yourself at home using simple household products? In our blog article, we'll give you all the tips and tricks and help you take proper care of your precious pieces.

Das Design der Love Clover Kollektion

The design of the Love Clover collection

Love and happiness in a golden shine. Find out more about the design of our Love Clover collection made from recycled 925 Sterling silver and discover fine lucky charm jewelry - Made in Italy.

Bedeutungsvoller Schmuck zum Muttertag

Meaningful jewelry for Mother's Day

Behind each of our sparkling jewels lies a story of love and appreciation. Find inspiration for Mother's Day now and discover fine jewelry gifts that come from the heart. 

Dear Darling Berlin in der Presse

Dear Darling Berlin in the press

We are incredibly proud to be featured in renowned magazines as a small, women-led label. Here you can find a small selection of our articles.