Hey! I'm Lisa, the founder of Dear Darling Berlin and here I would like to tell you my personal story.

My journey into entrepreneurship began at the end of 2019 with a big wish. The desire to build something of your own - in my own handwriting.

This was followed by a dual course of study and my first full-time job in a popular Berlin start-up. Work cell phone, company car and very good pay - basically everything you dream of as a professional, right? But what always bothered me: I couldn't fully express my creativity and desire for independence anywhere. Either there was a small budget, a specific "brand strategy" or another reason that didn't bring my ideas to fruition.

After a few months, this led to an incredible amount of frustration. What am I doing all this for? Because I really wanted to make a difference and break new ground. I wanted to make things beautiful, think them through down to the last detail - not just 'do' them.

Lisa Zaiser, Female Founder after registering her trademark

My start to self-employment

In 2019 - on an ice-cold winter day - I sat with my husband Jan on the banks of the Spree. We got a currywurst and sat by the water, philosophizing about business ideas and future plans. As I often do, I talked about how much I wanted to create something of my own - far away from the decisions and strategies of others. My husband Jan, as pragmatic as he is, then said: "Well, let's go! Then just do it now. You build an online shop, register a business, order the jewelry and you just try it out. It can do anything "It shouldn't be that hard, right?" Spoiler alert: It was terribly difficult.

Jewelry is my tool to express my creativity and my love for details. It makes me happy to create something for others that is not only beautiful but also has personal meaning.

For me, jewelry is more than just an accessory - it is an expression of my passion and a way to share the beauty of life.

Lisa Zaiser with materials for her Dear Darling Berlin Pop Up Store

On the way to “quick” success?

But said and done: I registered a side business for myself and bought sparkling jewelry from a dealer for €1,000 a. I spent a lot of time building the online shop and social media until late in the evenings after my full-time job and on the weekends. We even organized a first photo shoot with my best friends as models (THANK YOU again for your support! The pictures are still online today).

After a few months of hard work, the shop finally went live in March 2020, and BOOM!… almost nothing happened.

I was devastated. There were a few orders from family and friends, but my marketing campaigns weren't working and after three months I was ready to give it all up.

But I'm a person who doesn't like to give up. After weeks of wondering whether Dear Darling Berlin could ever be successful or whether I could become a good entrepreneur, I decided to give it another chance.

This is how I got to know the jewelry industry better

And so I took a few steps back and started to revise my concept. I started yet to delve deeper into the jewelry industry and informed me about production conditions, raw materials and the challenges of the industry. I quickly realized that I wanted to build my company responsibly - with respect for people and the environment.

So I went looking for other, smaller, family-run jewelry manufacturers that shared my vision. I exchanged ideas with dozens of productions and had quality samples made, but my critical eye was simply not satisfied. Prices, quantities, quality, communication - something was always not right.

By a stroke of luck, I found our first business partner, a couple from Pforzheim, who, in the third generation, offered exactly what I was looking for. We still work with this partner - and now three others - today.

New thoughts, new courage

Dear Darling Berlin then got a complete make-over! Content-wise and visually. A few months later, it was with great joy that I finally launched my first mini collection made from recycled materials, consisting of 6 classic necklaces and 5 matching bracelets. And things finally got going - I had struck gold with my new concept and was happy about every single order (until today!).

Jewelry boxes from Dear Darling Berlin

Starting a business is like a roller coaster ride. There are high highs and low lows. In the past few years I have been able to experience both. I was featured by well-known magazines like the VOGUE, Cosmopolitan or InStyle featured , was allowed to be part of Fashion Week and was invited by Peek & Cloppenburg to pop-up events in their glossy stores.

I have already achieved a lot, but also made a lot of mistakes along the way, Tears were shed and lessons learned - such as investing in a new collection that ultimately didn't go as well as hoped. From valuable goods that were simply lost at DHL to countless night shifts to write newsletters, Instagram posts and product texts. I'm still often annoyed today that other brands with more budgets seem to pass me by - even though I put so much passion, time and money into my company.

Today I know that there is no such thing as “quick success”. Success is perseverance, hard work, joy in what you do and a bit of luck.

... and now with a baby too!

But in the end I am still one thing: infinitely grateful. For each individual order, every positive review and that I can live my dream of self-employment every day.

But my journey continues and has become even more exciting since June 2023 - because I became a mother for the first time this year and am now trying to balance my new life as a mom and an entrepreneur (not that easy!). I would be very happy if you would accompany me on my journey and become part of my story.

Best regards,