Bei uns werden deine Träume in Gold gegossen! Entdecke unsere Kollektion strahlender Ringe mit Edelsteinen aus verantwortungsvoller Herkunft und personalisiere sie ganz nach deinen Wünschen.

Jeder faire Edelstein ist ein Unikat und in seiner Einzigartigkeit nur einmal verfügbar. Wir nennen unsere Schmuckstücke liebevoll "Power Ringe" - denn an deiner Hand entfalten sie ihre ganze Schönheit und machen deine individuelle Bedeutung sichtbar.

Unsere ONE-OF-A-KIND Ringe sind kostbare Einzelstücke, die du direkt bestellen kannst. Wir erweitern die Auswahl an funkelnden Edelsteinen kontinuierlich. Falls du einen besonderen Wunsch hast, melde dich gerne bei uns.

Wähle jetzt einen Edelstein oder ein Ringdesign und kontaktiere uns für dein einzigartiges Juwel.


How does your concept work?

Very easy! We have put together a curated selection of sparkling, fair gemstones for you, which we are constantly expanding. Each gemstone is only available once and is hand-picked and unique.

You can find your personal gemstone in this selection and we will then make an individual ring for you with it.

You can choose any alloy for your ring - from 14k and 18k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. You can also have your ring refined with an individual engraving.

Since each stone and therefore each ring is a unique piece and can be put together individually by you, we can only give you specific price information after a short conversation.

Of course, you can receive non-binding information from us at any time and only place your order when you are completely sure.

How do I find the right ring size?

No matter whether you want to order a ring from us for yourself or for a loved one, a precious piece of jewelry must fit perfectly! We therefore recommend the following options for determining your ring size:

1) Measure the inside diameter of a ring that you (or the recipient) like to wear. Make sure that you choose a ring that is worn on the finger you want. You can find our ring size overview here.

2) Order one of our ring sizers and measure the ring size from the comfort of your own home.

3) (our favorite!): go to a local jeweler and get your ring size determined there. It's best to take a perfectly fitting ring with you.

What if the ring doesn't fit perfectly?

If the ring size you ordered doesn't fit perfectly, you have the following options:

1) You can have your ring reworked at a local jeweler you trust for a small price.

2) You choose our customization service for €69. You send the ring to us at your own expense and we will have it adjusted according to your wishes in our factory in Pforzheim. Changes up to 3 ring sizes are included.

Can I return/exchange my jewelry?

Each ring is made to order - individually according to your wishes and with great attention to detail in our factory in Pforzheim. Returns or exchanges are therefore excluded. Of course, your satisfaction is our top priority! So if something doesn't fit, please contact us immediately.

Will my order be shipped insured?

All of our packages are sent to you with sufficient insurance coverage. For this we use UPS Express or INTEX, depending on the value of your order. INTEX is a valuables courier who delivers your shipment to you personally.

How long does it take to produce my unique piece?

Each piece of jewelry is individually handcrafted for you. We attach great importance to the quality of our jewelry and produce all individual pieces exclusively in a family-run factory in Pforzheim, which has existed for more than 100 years and with which we have been able to create many wonderful pieces of jewelry for you.

You should expect approx. 4-6 weeks for production.

For example, if you are planning a marriage proposal, order early or contact us if you need support.

Personalizable rings for eternity

Rings made of real gold are not just shiny pieces of jewelry, but timeless memories that shine forever. In our handmade collection you can personalize your piece of jewelry according to your preferences. Whether simple classics or opulent statement jewelry in 14k gold, 18k gold, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold: find your new centerpiece and let yourself be enchanted by modern craftsmanship.

Our gold rings can be customized according to your wishes. From engraved initials to a special date to meaningful symbols - give your ring a personal touch with our exclusive engraving service. Our experienced goldsmiths implement your vision with attention to detail to create a masterpiece that tells your unique story.

Fair jewelry / gemstones from traceable origins

In our collection we use natural gemstones that are mined and traded under fair conditions. This means that, on the one hand, we only work with trustworthy partners who...

What does that mean specifically? We source the stones from trustworthy partners who sell to us directly from the 'mine' without various intermediaries. So stays...

Golden craftsmanship that lasts

Our customizable real gold jewelry is made locally in Pforzheim, Germany. Our partner manufacturer has existed for over 100 years and produces sparkling designs with masterful beauty and quality.

We attach great importance to the use of high-quality materials and the longevity of our jewelry. Our aim is to work as resource-efficiently and responsibly as possible. That's why we use recycled gold for our jewelry.

Each gold ring is crafted with care and attention to detail to ensure it stands the test of time. The high-quality gold combined with masterful craftsmanship makes our rings a valuable heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

You can find our fine jewelry with lab grown diamonds here.

Gold engagement rings with diamonds

One of the most important pieces of jewelry in life is the engagement ring. We at DEAR DARLING BERLIN understand that every love is unique and therefore offer you a personal and individual service for your piece of jewelry.

Our gold rings can all be worn as engagement rings or wedding rings. You decide whether it should be a sparkling diamond ring, a precious gemstone or a simple gold ring. Our personal recommendations are...