1. Dear Anna, dear Katharina, I am very pleased that I can introduce you and nevernot as part of our Female Founder Community. Please feel free to tell us a little about yourself and your company.

We are an intimate wellness brand from Berlin. So we produce products around the topics of sexuality and intimacy. It's about getting closer to your body and your sexuality - whether you are sexually active or not. Sex, desire and body acceptance as self-care! Although we are “female-founded,” our brand is aimed at “everyone who loves to make love.”

At the same time, we follow the standards of the cosmetics industry because we believe that your intimate care products should be just as good as your facial care. For example, last year we launched an Intimate Gel collection. The better lubricant: Vegan, fair, organic, produced in Europe and with highly effective active ingredients.

Together with a natural cosmetics manufacturer, we developed new products and recipes last year that will be launched in 2022.

2. With nevernot you have, among other things, brought a new menstrual sponge or a 'soft tampon' onto the market. How exactly can you imagine this compared to conventional tampons?

The soft tampon is a small sponge without a retrieval thread. This makes it ideal as an add-on to your menstrual product mix. Most of our customers use it for sexual intercourse, sports or because they suffer from period problems that do not allow them to insert regular tampons or cups. You simply never feel a nevernot soft tampon.

But we didn't invent the soft tampon: the soft tampon has been around since the 1970s - it has been used by sex workers and professional athletes for decades. We optimized it by changing its shape. Our cloud shape makes it even easier to grip.

3. How did you come up with the idea of ​​developing soft tampons?

We've been using soft tampons for ages, but hardly anyone knew about them, so we wanted to change that. The soft tampon was the kick off for nevernot as an intimate wellness brand, as you can also use it during sexual intercourse. For example, we have now brought a lubricant collection onto the market, and further product launches will follow this year, as well as the nevernot soft tampon 2.0.

4. The topics of sexuality, intimacy and periods are (thank God!) becoming increasingly less taboo. You also have investors on board at nevernot - was it easy for you to get investors interested in your topic or were there hurdles?

The intimate wellness market is one of the fastest growing markets currently - this industry has experienced another boost, especially during the Corona period. Our hurdle was to convince investors how important intimate wellness is and that this is not a niche industry... We had to show that we were able to offer products like lubricants and tampons to their customers To liberate the “behind-the-counter” image. From the pharmacy, the sex shop and the drugstore to the premium lifestyle and beauty shop and thus into our everyday lives.

5. Based on your previous experiences as founders - successes and fuck-ups - what three tips would you give to other founders who are just starting or want to start?

1. Team, team, team. A diverse team with different skills that believes in your vision is the be-all and end-all. One percent is just the idea, the rest is the people who work on it and what they do with it. With hard work, courage, creativity and power.

2. Time. Starting a business is not a 9 to 5 job and that means your priorities in life will change. Sometimes it's difficult to switch off or clear your head, you should always take these breaks to recharge. Nevertheless, nowhere else do you learn so much, gain freedom and it's endless fun.

3. Financing: If you are thinking about getting investors on board, think about where you could use support and do a background check on potential investors, like they do with you. Their experience and knowledge can be enormously helpful for you and your start-up.



If you would like to find out more about Anna and Katharina and nevernot, please take a look here:

To the website: www.nevernot.de/

To Instagram: @nevernot_official