Model Detailaufnahme goldene Ohrringe HollyProduktbild Freisteller nachhaltige Ohrringe Holly Gold
Produktbild nachhaltige Ohrringe Holly in Silber
Model Ganzkörper trägt nachhaltige Halskette Lou in GoldProduktbild Nachaufnahme von nachhaltiger Halskette Lou in Gold
Bracelet Liz | Fine Curb ChainProduktbild nachhaltiges Armband Liz Gold als Nahaufnahme
Sold out
Ear Cuff Delia | Eternity CuffProduktbild nachhaltiger Ear Cuff Delia in Gold

Ear Cuff Delia | Eternity Cuff

Nahaufnahme Modelbild Halskette in Gold feingliedrigProduktbild von nachhaltiger Halskette Alice in Gold Nahaufnahme

Necklace Alice | Cord Chain

Bracelet Alice | Cord ChainDetailaufnahme nachhaltiges Armband Alice in Gold
Bracelet Alice | Cord ChainBracelet Alice | Cord Chain
BestsellerSold out
Ear Cuff Nova | Bold CuffProduktbild nachhaltiger Ear Cuff Nova

Ear Cuff Nova | Bold Cuff


responsible fine jewelry

oh my (recycled) silver & gold!

Our fine jewelry is manufactured with recycled 925 sterling silver and recycled gold. Instead of supporting the extraction of new raw materials, we use existing resources and thereby protect the environment.

It is our goal to keep precious materials in their life cycle as long as possible. This way, we can offer you a beautiful, sustainable alternative to conventional fast-fashion-jewelry with our timeless and sustainably made designs.


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