From Old to New...


... an old coin. Or maybe a fork or an antique radio. Why did our jewelry used to be something different? We use recycled 925 sterling silver and recycled gold for our sustainable fine jewelry.



Instead of supporting the extraction of new raw materials, we use existing resources and thereby protect the environment.

The quality of sustainable silver and gold does not differ from conventional precious metal - but the processing of existing materials is much more eco-friendly. Probably the best part of it: nobody has to work in dangerous mines under bad conditions for people and the environment.


The recycled materials for our production come from refineries. A refinery is a "recycling company" that specializes in the recovery of metals. The various old materials, f.ex. industrial or electronic scrap, old pieces of jewelry, coins, cutlery and other precious metal-containing residues are separated into their individual components, i.e. "separated". These raw materials are then brought back into the cycle and used for our jewelry.

We obtain the raw materials from certified dealers in Germany and Italy who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). They have committed to the RJC's code of conduct for responsible corporate practice, such as compliance with human rights, business ethics and environmental responsibility. You can find out more about the RJC here.



Good things are often closer than you might think. That is why we made a responsible decision to have our production in Germany and Italy, even if we have to accept higher production costs. It is our true belief that it’s just as important to you as it is to us to pay people fairly for their work and to support small, local businesses rather than to produce anonymously at the other end of the world.

For us, the advantages are very simple: shorter transport routes, less C02 emissions, no middlemen and we can guarantee the high quality of our jewelry at all times.

We have carefully selected our production partners and are proud to work with a handful of jewelry experts: from traditional family-run businesses in Pforzheim, to female-run goldsmiths in south-germany, to international jewelry manufacturers in Tuscany - in the heart of Italy.

We are convinced that quality, sustainability and design are no competition, but can be combined to become beautiful partners.



The pearls that we use for selected pieces of jewelry come from trustworthy, ethical pearl breeders and are freshwater pearls. Since there is no natural pearl cultivation in Europe, they come from breeders in China who meet high ethical standards. Each pearl is unique and makes your jewelry a one-of-a-kind-piece.


The high-quality stones for our jewelry are synthetically created crystals, so-called zirconia (CZ). Our stones have an excellent brilliance and are produced locally in the Czech Republic under responsible conditions.


In addition to the recycled silver and gold we use for our jewelry, we also pay attention to high-quality materials and - whenever possible - sustainable alternatives for packaging. Still, we always stay true to our exclusive design standards.

Our DEAR DARLING BERLIN jewelry pouch, which you receive with every order, is made of 100% microfiber. It protects your jewelry from scratches and moisture and can be used by you for storage and as a travel companion.

The eco-shipping boxes we use consist of at least 90% recycled material and are completely recyclable themselves. For us, this is a nice and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional packaging made of plastic & Co. The filling material, which we use for safe shipping, is also made of recycled material and is biodegradable. Our tissue paper is printed with eco-friendly inks.