Gift Guide

Fine jewelry gifts for every occasion

There are moments in life that are so unique and unforgettable that they call for a gift that is at least as extraordinary. In those special moments when words alone are not enough, a sparkling piece of jewelry can be the answer as an expression of love, appreciation and timeless elegance.

Get inspired by our gift guide and give the gift of sustainable jewelry for birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, Christmas or just because!

3 gift tips for jewelry

You should pay attention to this when giving gifts

1. Personal taste & style of the recipient
Consider the personal taste and style of the person you are gifting the jewelry to. The easiest way is to choose classic, simple designs that can be easily combined with other pieces of jewelry and are independent of the season and therefore bring joy for a lifetime!

2. Reason and meaning
For what occasion would you like to give jewelry as a gift? Is it a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day or another special moment? The piece of jewelry should match the significance of the occasion. For example, a sparkling diamond ring might be appropriate for an engagement or wedding anniversary, while a delicate pendant or simple earrings might be more appropriate for everyday wear or as a sign of friendship.

3. Quality and materials
When it comes to a gift, everything has to be right. That's why you can shop with us with a clear conscience: we produce locally in Germany, Italy and Spain and use recycled silver, recycled 14k gold and lab grown diamonds for our jewelry. Plus, with your purchase you are supporting a small, women-run business. Isn't this a wonderful story to tell?


Personal birthstones

If you are looking for a very special, high-quality and personal gift, birthstone jewelry is just the thing. It is timelessly beautiful and embodies a deep connection to the history and individual characteristics of the person receiving the gift. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just because: our 585 gold jewelry with birthstones is the ideal gift for every occasion.

Stylishly combined

Layers of Love

If you want a little more: double the joy and give away a layering set of two different necklaces or bracelets!

The designs of our jewelry can be wonderfully combined with one another and stylishly highlight the individuality of the recipient. Classic, modern and sustainably manufactured. It doesn't get any better than this, does it?

Our tip: play with the lengths! For example, you can choose one of our chokers (35cm) and a longer chain (45cm-55cm) to match. You can find all individual length information directly on the product page.

Fine jewelry sets

Better together

What belongs together comes together. Put together your individual jewelry set consisting of a simple necklace and timeless bracelet and give the gift of versatile joy. No matter whether it's the same design or different styles - this combination is an absolute gift classic and is guaranteed to provide brilliant moments.