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For all birthday children in January, the individual birthstone is the deep red garnet. A special gemstone that, among other things, stands for true friendship and trust and is said to give its wearer creative energy. Because of its strong color, garnet also symbolizes courage and strength!

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Material & Manufacturing

Our solid 14K real gold jewelry (585 yellow gold / white gold) is responsibly manufactured in family factories in Germany and Spain.

We use recycled gold and precious lab grown diamonds for our highlights pursue our mission of designing sustainable and stylish jewelry for you.

You can safely wear real gold jewelry when showering, sleeping or swimming without it discoloring.

Here you will get an even deeper insight into our production and the materials we use for our production.

12 birthstones


For all birthday children in January, the individual birthstone is the deep red garnet. A special gemstone that, among other things, stands for true friendship and trust and is said to give its wearer creative energy. Because of its strong color, garnet also symbolizes courage and strength!


The purple semi-precious stone amethyst represents the birth month of February and is a symbol of calm, inner peace and clarity. It is said to have a calming effect on those who wear it and clear the mind, which also makes it an ideal choice for meditation fans and anyone looking for relaxation and balance in their everyday lives.


The birthstone in March is the "gemstone of the seas" - the shimmering aquamarine. It can shine in a variety of shades from delicate blue to blue-green and stands for serenity, clarity and purity. It is intended to ensure a harmonious balance for its wearers, give them prudence and strengthen their intuition!


For all birthday children in April, rock crystal is the birthstone. As a sparkling, colorless gemstone, it is considered a symbol of inner clarity, purity and beauty. The rock crystal is a precious gem and is also said to have positive properties, such as the ability to promote one's concentration, strengthen self-confidence and increase energy levels.


For all birthday children in May, the lucky stone is the green emerald. Thanks to its natural color, the sparkling gemstone represents a connection between people and nature, spring and blossoming life. It symbolizes love, harmony and hope and is intended to help its wearers gain new inspiration and greater wisdom and patience.


Moonstone is the birthstone for the month of June and is considered a symbol of intuition, wisdom and femininity. Due to its white to cream-colored, slightly transparent stone color, it has something mystical about it that shimmers differently depending on the light. In some cultures, moonstone is also referred to as a dream stone, which invites you to escape from everyday life into magical fantasy worlds.


Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July and is considered a symbol of love, passion and vitality. It is also often referred to as the “King of Gemstones” and is characterized by its intense red color and its extraordinary shine. Ruby is said to have the wonderful properties of driving away evil, protecting its wearer and giving new courage and drive.


For all birthday children in the month of August, the green gemstone peridot is the lucky stone. In ancient times it was also called the “jewel of the sun” because of its radiant aura and today it stands for determination, astuteness and success. It is intended to support its wearers in finding their inner balance, reducing stress and anxiety, clarifying the senses and giving hope.


For all birthday children in the month of September, the individual lucky stone is the blue sapphire. It symbolizes truth, sincerity and loyalty. Hundreds of years ago, kings wore the majestic stone as a jewel to protect themselves from envy and evil, to strengthen their own intuition and to support spiritual growth. The healing stone is also said to have the ability to provide serenity and inner peace.


The pink gemstone tourmaline is a beautiful and fascinating variant of tourmaline and is considered the birthstone for the month of October. Its vibrant pink color is a symbol of love, friendship and emotions. It is also often referred to as the “stone of the rainbow” because, like no other gemstone, it exists in almost every shade of color. Pink tourmaline is said to have positive properties such as the ability to promote creativity and inspiration, increase self-confidence and improve mental clarity.


Citrine is a beautiful birthstone associated with the month of November. The sparkling gemstone is known for its vibrant, golden yellow color and its ability to reflect sunlight and heat. It is also said to have a healing function, helping its wearers to have more joy and promoting optimism.


For all birthday children in the month of December, the rare, blue-violet gemstone Iolite is the birthstone. It is often referred to as the “stone of vision” because it is intended to support its wearer in diving deeper into their own consciousness and promoting intuition. It therefore represents a very special connection between body and soul. The sparkling gemstone is also seen as a symbol of inspiration, creativity and wisdom.

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Care instructions

We want your Dear Darling piece of jewelry to give you joy for a long time!

We therefore recommend caring for it as follows: Clean your jewelry regularly with a polishing or microfiber cloth and always store it in a dry place.

You can wear our real gold jewelry every day and around the clock - it is guaranteed to always stay beautiful and will not discolor. External influences such as clothing, perfumes or particularly frequent wearing can still leave traces after a certain time, which you can have refreshed at any time with a professional polish.

You can find more helpful care tips here .

Customer Reviews

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Verena Z.
Ganz tolle, zarte Ohrringe!

Ich freue mich sehr, dass es jetzt auch Geburtsstein Schmuck gibt. Da ich ein Januar-Kind bin, habe ich mir meinen Edelstein direkt bestellt. Die Ohrringe sind ganz toll. Trage sie sehr gerne.

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