No. 14 | Turmalin Intense Green | ca. 0,27 ct.

In our XY collection you can find your personal jewel from a curated selection of fair gemstones. Decide on a stone and then get in touch using our contact form or by email to We will make your individual ring within approx. 4-6 weeks in our partner factory in Pforzheim.

You can choose any alloy for the ring (14k or 18k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold). Personal engraving is also possible.

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Locally & responsibly made

Über diesen Edelstein

Dieser funkelnde Turmalin in intensivem Grün stammt aus aufgearbeiteten, recycelten Altbeständen. Dieser Edelstein ist ein Unikat und nur einmal verfügbar.

Er könnte in einer unserer edlen Ringfassungen aus Gold zu deinem ganz persönlichen Schmuckstück werden!

Behind the jewelry

Material & Manufacturing

Our solid 14K real gold jewelry (585 yellow gold / white gold) is responsibly manufactured in family factories in Germany and Spain.

For our highlights we use recycled gold and precious lab grown diamonds (synthetic diamonds grown in the laboratory). pursue our mission of designing sustainable and stylish jewelry for you. Lab Grown Diamonds have the exact same properties and appearance as natural diamonds. They are indistinguishable to the naked eye, even for experts.

You can safely wear real gold jewelry when showering, sleeping or swimming without it discoloring.

Here you will get an even deeper insight into our production and the materials we use for our production.

Lab Grown Diamonds - The 4C

To classify a diamond and determine its value, you look at the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

We choose precious Lab Grown Diamonds (synthetic diamonds) of the highest quality for our modern, minimalist designs. In the item description you will find the individual quality features for each piece of jewelry.

You want to learn more? You can read everything about diamond valuation here.

Shipping & Returns

Standard shipping within Germany (DHL, 2-3 working days) is free for orders over €100 . Including €4.90.

Express Shipping (UPS, 1-2 working days) in Germany: 15€

We also ship internationally . Here you can find all information about our shipping rates.

Please note that for reasons of sustainability and because we are a small company, we cannot offer free returns and charge a one-off fee of €4.90 (in DE).

You can find more information about our domestic and international returns in our FAQ .

If you pay with PayPal, you can have the return costs reimbursed by PayPal under certain conditions. You can find out more about this here .

Care instructions

We want your Dear Darling piece of jewelry to give you joy for a long time!

We therefore recommend caring for it as follows: Clean your jewelry regularly with a polishing or microfiber cloth and always store it in a dry place.

You can wear our real gold jewelry every day and around the clock - it is guaranteed to always stay beautiful and will not discolor. External influences such as clothing, perfumes or particularly frequent wearing can still leave traces after a certain time, which you can have refreshed at any time with a professional polish.

You can find more helpful care tips here .

Made to last

Once you hold your new favorite piece from us in your hands, you will most likely never want to put it down. And we totally understand that! Our timeless real gold jewelry was designed to last you a lifetime. You can wear it day and night without any concerns and be sure that there will be no discoloration.

585 gold (14K) also has a beautiful light color that looks elegant, suits every main type and can be wonderfully combined with other pieces of jewelry.

Von Madagaskar direkt an deine Hand

Wäre es nicht schön genau zu wissen, woher dein funkelnder Edelstein kommt? In der Schmuckbranche ist die Nachverfolgbarkeit von Rohstoffen häufig sehr kritisch und undurchsichtig.

Wir sind besonders stolz darauf, dir als eines von nur wenigen Unternehmen faire, nachverfolgbare Edelsteine für dein Schmuckstück anbieten zu können.

Wir beziehen sie von vertrauensvollen Partnern aus Deutschland, die uns die Steine über einen kurzen, transparenten Lieferweg direkt aus Minen in Madagaskar, Sri Lanka oder Brasilien liefern.

Auf dem Foto siehst du einen Teil des Teams von MIADANA, einem frauengeführte Familienunternehmen, von dem wir u.a. Saphire und Granate beziehen.

Family-run factories

We make our jewelry from the finest 14K gold locally in Pforzheim, Germany and Cordoba, Spain. To achieve this, we work closely with two family businesses that have been practicing the tradition of jewelry craftsmanship for several generations and complete each of our designs by hand with attention to detail.

Precious treasures made from recycled gold

Hand on heart: Gold is one of the most beautiful and sought-after materials in the world. But also a limited resource. We asked ourselves how we can combine beautiful with good and therefore consciously decided to make your jewelry from recycled gold.

Urban mining refers to the reprocessing and use of existing resources in the recycling cycle, such as scrap gold or materials containing precious metals. The best thing about it: Gold can be processed almost endlessly with consistent quality.

Stay Golden Guarantee

We hope that you will enjoy your real gold piece of jewelry forever and that it will accompany you brilliantly on your journey. That's why we offer you a full 24 month guarantee for our real gold jewelry. Find out more about the Stay Golden Guarantee here .